The Jones Act Is In Place To Protect You

For captains, mates, engineers and crew members, working on a riverboat or another inland vessel on the Mississippi River comes with countless daily hazards. Fortunately, the Jones Act is in place to protect workers injured on the Mississippi River.

The Jones Act is a federal law that states that employers must provide safe working conditions for the seamen they employ.

Under the law, if a seaman suffers an injury while, for example, working on a barge on the Mississippi, that seaman can seek compensation to pay for medical expenses and lost wages, among other types of compensation.

Common Types Of Mississippi Waterway Accidents

There are many different situations that give rise to an injury on the Mississippi River, however, frequent examples involve:

  • Exceedingly slippery decks from oil or grease
  • Catastrophic equipment failure
  • Employer failing to provide proper safety equipment
  • Improperly trained or incompetent crew
  • Obviously unsafe work methods
  • Assault by other workers

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Our maritime section represents injured seaman on oceangoing vessels and cruise ships, harbor workers, stevedores, and any other workers involved in maritime commerce. In addition to working people, our clients have included passengers on cruise ships. We have litigated cases throughout the South and along the seaboards, including the states of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and New York.

You may be wondering about whether to speak to an attorney about your injury. However, getting advice about your rights from a lawyer with knowledge in this area of law is the best action you can take.

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