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Legal Help For Maritime And Motor Vehicle Accidents
Legal Help For Maritime And Motor Vehicle Accidents
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How Does The Jones Act Protect You?

Crew members aboard offshore vessels or inland waterway boats face serious risks while carrying out their daily responsibilities. When these risks lead to injury, it can mean losing their livelihood and ability to support their dependents and contending with substantial medical bills during recovery.

Fortunately, the Jones Act provides all seamen with invaluable rights when they suffer an injury on the job.

Your Rights Under The Jones Act As An Offshore Worker

The Jones Act is a specialized subsection of maritime law, which states that it is a seaman’s right to seek financial compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of the vessel’s owner, operator or crew member while offshore.

Types Of Benefits Injured Parties Can Recover

If you are an injured seaman, under the law, you have a right to recover compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Punitive damages

Choosing Blake Jones Law Firm LLC, To Help You Get The Benefits You Need

At Blake Jones Law Firm LLC, in New Orleans, we have been helping captains, mates, engineers and crew members injured on ocean vessels, fishing boats, tugboats, cruise ships, barges, floating bases — you name it — for many years to recover the compensation they need.

  • Experience: Our litigation team has pursued compensation under the Jones Act for over 40 years — and won.
  • Resources: Along with our extensive experience, we have a substantial support staff and financial resources necessary to recover under these often complex cases.
  • Personal attention: We take pride in making sure our clients and their families can always reach an attorney from our office if they have a question or concern about the status of their case.

Whether you suffered a back injury from falling down a flight of stairs because of a broken handrail, a head trauma from a slip-and-fall on a wet deck, or any other serious injury while working on a waterway vessel, reach out to our lawyers to learn what you could recover. We handle cases for individuals located along the Gulf Coast.

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