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Case Results

$850,000 Settlement

Erica Sands v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, et al.
Plaintiff sustained injuries to her neck and back in a roll-over automobile collision with an 18-wheeler in November 2017. Plaintiff underwent a neck surgery, and back surgery was recommended. This matter was successfully mediated for $850,000.00 in April 2020.

$685,000 Settlement

Confidential Settlement
Plaintiff sustained injury to the back and right elbow, as well as a head injury including concussion in an aerial scissor lift tip-over accident. A mechanical engineering expert found that a high-speed safety limit switch not functional, resulting in plaintiff falling 20 feet to the ground. We litigated in federal court and arrived at a successful multi-party resolution prior to trial.

$100,671 Settlement

Jacqueline Robert v. Robert Cheek, Sr.
Plaintiff sustained injuries to the head and shoulder in a fall at a short-term rental property in New Orleans. The head injury required stitches, and included concussion. The shoulder injury aggravated a pre-existing left shoulder rotator cuff tear, and required surgery. An architectural expert inspected the premises and located a hazardous defect in the threshold where the plaintiff fell. Defendants asserted an insurance coverage defense, arguing that the property was not covered under homeowners while being rented. We reached a settlement with the homeowner’s insurer and insurance agent.