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What are some factors that make crashes more dangerous?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Injuries |

When a car or truck hits or sideswipes another vehicle, the resulting damage can leave anyone inside the vehicle scrambling to find medical help.

Beyond just the crash itself, there can be multiple factors that lead to more serious injuries. Knowing more about these factors is important if you are in a collision.

Speed of the car

According to, an increase in speed as you continue on the road can lead to a more serious crash if an accident does happen. What could be a merely dangerous collision could turn into a life-threatening one if you are on a highway or other place where the speed limit is higher.

Use of seatbelts

Since seatbelts keep you safely strapped in if there is a crash, forgetting or refusing to wear one can make it harder to stay safe if you need to stop suddenly. A vehicle crashing into the side of your car can send you flying up against the windshield or dashboard, which can leave you with head and spinal cord injuries.

Position of limbs

Since the way you sit inside the car puts various parts of your body in greater danger in the event of a crash, taking note of your posture is important. A sudden movement or rear-end crash can leave you with worse injuries if you are not properly seated.

Amount of loose boxes or items

When you are transporting heavy or pointy items, you should always tie them down or pack them away. A crash can fling them into the front of the vehicle and leave you with serious head trauma if they are not secure.

Noticing the way you sit or whether you use safety items like seatbelts can help you if you are in an accident.