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Hurricanes increase the risk of mariner injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Maritime Law |

Hurricanes are one of the top causes of maritime disasters. In spite of awareness and preparedness, serious accidents and injuries to mariners can occur.

Mariners should recognize the favored regions where hurricanes often develop and understand hurricane climatology to help prevent running into a severe storm system. However, a proper response can reduce the significant number of injuries possible should a hurricane arise.

Protect yourself at sea

If your travel requires you to cross the sea during hurricane season, be aware of the increased risks you face. If you have advance notice of a storm system or impending hurricane, the safest thing to do is take the boat to port with a good holding and high mountains or cliffs surrounding it. If finding a port is not an option, there are two other options. You can either try to outrun the hurricane or use your skills as a mariner to keep the boat and all personnel afloat through wind and waves.

Choose your path carefully

When a hurricane approaches and you must ride it out, steer the boat toward the clean side of the storm. This is the side where the winds are the weakest and the waves are the lowest. You may have difficulty judging the clean side if you are in the thick of the hurricane. Most often, it is counterclockwise from the leading edge of the storm. Avoid sailing near any objects, including rocks, the shore, buoys or anything else.

With advanced training, mariners have better preparations against hurricanes and large storms. Maintain a clear head and watchful eye on one another to help prevent injuries and account for one another during the storm.