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What is a MOB incident?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2022 | Firm News |

Like most jobs that involve the ocean, commercial fishing proves dangerous in numerous ways. Whether on the water or at port, risk exists everywhere.

On-deck slip-and-fall injuries are not uncommon. Likewise, man overboard incidents (MOB incidents) do happen, and in order to circumvent it, a boat and its crew must have a certain level of safety and adherence to safety standards.

Fall protection no matter the job

The CDC takes a look at MOB events. Specifically, they examine the causes, which often come down to the placement of high tension lines and cables, as well as the constantly slick and wet state of the deck itself. These easily lead to the victim getting pitched over the side of the ship or slipping their way right off.

Safety regulations established for the fishing industry specifically address some of these issues, requiring fall protection for the most common of work practices like welding outside of the hull, working on gantries or masts, or painting outside of the rails.

Fall protection is also an industry necessity for anyone working at any distance above the water, or over five feet above solid ground. This not only helps prevent MOB incidents but also prevents head injuries and other damage from falls within the ship.

Handling MOB incidents

All personnel should wear personal safety flotation devices while onboard, too. This allows anyone who falls overboard a longer stretch of time for rescue operations to reach and save them. It is also important to maintain constant visual contact and throw marker lights or rings in order to mark the location. This way, they will not end up lost among the waves.