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Would poor maintenance lead to truck accident lawsuits?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

A tractor-trailer represents a marvel of design and engineering. These massive vehicles may travel down a Lousiana highway carrying tons of cargo, and the driver could operate the oversized truck smoothly and carefully. Even experienced and safe drivers may be unable to avoid a crash when the brakes fail, though. Proper maintenance counts a great deal towards safety, facts drivers and trucking companies should know.

Trucks, maintenance, and safety risks

Wear and tear affect all vehicles, from compact cars to the massive tractor-trailers designed to carry fleets of vehicles. Failing to check a tractor-trailer’s tires for proper inflation could result in a blowout. Not only might a blowout result in the truck hitting another vehicle, but cars may run over the tire debris and crash. Such an incident might never happen if someone examined the tires.

Several other maintenance issues could impact a truck’s performance. A brake fluid leak could render the system useless and a truck unstoppable. Even if a truck pulls off the roadside safely after experiencing an oil or transmission fluid leak, the disabled rig could present dangers.

Steering problems and lights that burn out or glow dim present further hazards. Routine inspections may uncover these problems when the driver is not aware of them.

Maintenance and liability

Negligence doesn’t only involve moving violations or drunk driving. Truck accidents caused by poor maintenance could leave drivers and truck companies liable for injuries. A truck driver who fails to report a maintenance problem to an employer or a trucking business that doesn’t perform safety checks could face lawsuits. Deliberately putting unsafe vehicles on the road may result in significant punitive damages.

Other parties might be responsible as well. A repair professional’s shoddy work or a truck manufacturer’s poor quality control may lead to their incurring liability.