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Could poor tire inflation cause a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

Accidents involving massive semi-trucks could harm several people. A “jackknifed” truck might lead to a multi-car accident, one that also injuries pedestrians. After an accident happens on a Louisiana road, some may think the driver was under the influence or committed a gross moving violation. Victims may be surprised upon discovering the accident happened due to improperly inflated tires.

Tire inflation and truck accidents

Making a sharp turn at the wrong time could result in a jackknife mishap, but poor tire inflation ranks as a more common cause. Low or excessive air pressure could affect the turn more than might be the case with a smaller vehicle, considering the tire size and a big rig’s extreme weight.

Not all drivers realize that the air pressure minimums may change, depending on the load. An empty trailer might not require as much as a fully loaded one, and a packed trailer could make a truck unsafe to drive unless the tires have far more air.

Playing guessing games about how much air pressure belongs in a truck’s tires seems unwise. Determining the appropriate PSI should be a priority before taking a truck on the open road.

Contributing to an accident

Poor tire inflation may happen for numerous reasons. A technician could make a mistake and overinflate the tire, and then no one checks the air pressure levels before a truck departs company grounds. Trucking companies might find these simple mistakes don’t excuse their legal obligations to prevent harm. Such poor maintenance steps might result in truck accidents.

Trucking companies and even the truck’s driver might carry enough insurance to settle claims after an accident. However, if many people end up hurt and a significant amount of property gets destroyed, the insurance minimums could be too low. Lawsuits seeking compensation beyond policy limits may be advisable.