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Are there blind spot dangers with big trucks?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

Truck drivers find themselves tasked with many responsibilities when carrying cargo. Getting a tractor-trailer to a destination on time represents only one duty. Completing the job with a continual eye on safety is another. Truckers may follow traffic laws and avoid distracting or safety-compromising behavior yet still find themselves involved in accidents. The massive blind spots associated with commercial trucks could factor in disastrous Louisiana collisions.

Tractor-trailers and blind spot concerns

A tractor-trailer may present numerous blind spots due to the vehicle’s length, width and height. Blind spots don’t only exist on the sides of the truck. Both the front and rear have blind spots, and the ones in the back could extend 200 feet. Truck drivers must employ great care with this information in mind. Unfortunately, some drivers are negligent, which is one reason truck accidents happen.

Negligence takes several forms, and complacency may affect drivers that travel the same route. Complacency could lead to making avoidable mistakes, such as not looking before making a lane change or exiting the highway. The massive blind spots associated with huge trucks are not things individuals should forget when driving. Such oversights may be inexcusable errors.

The full picture of potential negligence

Assuming truck drivers are always at fault for truck accidents would be woefully incorrect. Sometimes, truckers and others fall victim to another driver’s reckless behavior.

Cutting in front of a tractor-trailer seems ill-advisable considering the vehicle’s many blind spots. Traveling at an excessive speed and cutting in front of a truck from the right lane constitutes negligent behavior. Any resulting accident may see blame fall on the driver of a car committing such dangerous actions.

A personal injury attorney may review evidence to determine who appears at fault for a collision. A lawyer may then assist victims with insurance claims or lawsuits.