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Why you shouldn’t drive an overweight truck

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

Driving an overweight truck can be a risk that comes with a variety of negative consequences for truck drivers and owners. For instance, a truck that is too heavy may be forced to remain at a Louisiana weigh station until it loses its excess weight. It’s also possible that goods can be damaged if they are packed too tightly into a commercial vehicle.

You could be charged with a crime

If you operate a commercial vehicle that is heavier than it’s supposed to be, you could be taken into custody. In the event that you’re convicted of violating truck safety rules, you could even spend several months in jail. There is a chance that you might have to pay a fine or lose your commercial license.

Customers may lose patience with your company

It may be difficult to convince customers to ship their goods using your vehicles if there is a risk that they could be delayed for any reason. If your trucks are held up at checkpoints for weight violations, it could add hours or days to a delivery schedule.

Heavy trucks are harder to control

A truck that is too heavy can be harder to control, which increases your risk of being involved in a trucking accident. This may be especially true if the vehicle has poor brakes or has other serious defects.

Truck drivers, truck owners and other entities may be liable for any damages after an accident involving a commercial vehicle. A personal injury attorney may seek a settlement that allows injured accident victims to pay current and future medical bills as well as replace items that were damaged in the crash.