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Legal Help For Maritime And Motor Vehicle Accidents
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Why do trucks present dangers on the road?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

All motor vehicle accidents come with the potential for inflicting life-changing injuries or death. Of all the accidents possible on the road, commuters might fear a collision with a large truck the most. The fears may be well-founded as truck crashes could present the greatest danger to passenger car drivers’ lives. Even a heavy-duty pickup truck might find its frame crushed if hit by a semi-truck in Louisiana.

Mass and weight create hazards

The most apparent reason why large trucks cause so much damage centers on their size and weight. Several thousands of pounds of moving metal come with devastating potential in an accident. When traveling at high speeds, the dangers might increase. Even when a truck driver wants to stop to avoid an obstacle, the driver needs a tremendous distance to come to a complete stop when traveling 65 miles per hour. Many truck drivers perform their duties without getting into even a minor accident, but statistics show that enough truck accidents occur to raise concerns among drivers.

Other issues to worry about

Sometimes, a truck driver may find avoiding an accident difficult when driving fatigued or sticking to an employer’s rigid delivery schedule. Federal and state laws regulate how many consecutive hours a driver may spend on the road, but a negligent employer could force drivers to violate those restrictions. Also, the loads carried by many trucks come with potential dangers. Toxic and hazardous materials might come loose and cause a catastrophe. If a ton of lumber comes loose on a highway, the vehicle hauling it may cause a serious accident.

Investigations of motor vehicle accidents may reveal that someone or several people were negligent. If so, then an insurance claim or lawsuit may follow. Injured individuals may want to explore their legal options with the assistance of an attorney.