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Why are truck accidents often different from car crashes?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

A crash on a Louisiana highway could involve any number of different vehicles. A person injured by a driver’s negligence may seek to recover losses for personal injury or property damage. Sometimes, the injured party may need to sue a driver beyond his or her policy. Things may become more complicated when the negligent person is a truck driver. Truck driving accidents may involve things not common to an accident that only involves cars.

Truck accidents can often be more complex

One significant difference between trucks and many cars is the size and mass of a tractor-trailer or other over-sized vehicle. A truck’s mass means it could significantly more damage to a smaller car than might be the case when two similar-sized models collide. A more disastrous crash might mean more severe injuries and, possibly, a greater chance for wrongful death.

Other elements of negligence might come into play. Federal law restricts the hours a driver may drive consecutively. The regulation intends to support safety by reducing drowsy driving, among other factors. Blatantly violating DOT rules could work against a driver and others in court.

More than One Negligent Party

With truck accidents, the company employing the driver could be deemed negligent as well. If the company continued to use a hazardous driver, forced the driver to ignore DOT rules, or failed to maintain the vehicles properly, the trucking company could end up sued. Did a third-party service center contribute to the accident? A company responsible for shoddy repairs might end up drawn into court. Even the truck’s manufacturer could become a defendant under certain circumstances. Negotiating with several parties could lead to more complexities.

Claims involving truck accidents could become complicated and involve several different parties. This is one reason why having the assistance of an experienced attorney could be advisable.