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What are common reasons for boat accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Maritime Law |

Boating accidents in Louisiana could happen when people make mistakes, and those mistakes might be fatal. Crashing into another boat or hitting a bridge could cause massive damage to the boat and serious injuries to those on board. Safe boating will make time out on the water better for everyone.

Common sense safety practices

Common sense rules for vehicles also apply to boats. Speeding might create hazards for both the people on the fast-moving vessel and also other ships, kayaks and sailboats on the water. When traveling too fast, the risk of crashes may increase. The boat’s operator might not be able to react in time or steer away from a buoy or something else in the water.

A boat operator’s reaction time may decrease when distracted. Fiddling with a radio or texting on the phone could decrease attention enough to react too slowly to avoid a crash if the driver is able to react at all.

Operating a boat while intoxicated is also a mistake. A person boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol might face criminal charges as well.

Liabilities and boating accidents

Any person whose negligence leads to a boating accident might face a civil suit for any resultant injuries or death. Negligence could come in many forms. For example, someone who operates a vessel that he or she is not familiar with might be negligent for causing harm to others. The same might be true when operating a poorly maintained boat.

Taking a boat out when the weather takes a turn for the worse may lead to a regrettable incident. Heavy storms could make operating the boat both difficult and dangerous. If a lawsuit follows, the court may assess whether the boat owner ignored warnings not to take the vessel on the water.

Improper operation, distractions and violations of maritime law could all lead to boating accidents. Negligent parties may find themselves facing a civil suit.