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Is dashcam footage useful evidence after a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

When a smaller vehicle becomes involved in a truck accident, the results could be catastrophic. Police reports and post-accident photos might suggest the truck driver was at fault, but more evidence could be necessary for an effective insurance settlement or civil litigation. Dashcam video might provide compelling evidence in a Louisiana court. Drivers might wish to consider installing a cam in their vehicles.

Dashcams could tell the tale

Witness testimony is important, and there may be evidence that suggests the truck driver was at fault. Disputes over fault may arise, though. Recorded video from a dashcam might reveal documentary-like evidence about what happened.

What if the truck did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign, or did not stop at all? Dashcam footage might capture the negligent behavior on video. Imagine if the truck driver claimed the other party was the one who failed to stop. Without witnesses, dashcam footage might be the only proof of who is telling the truth.

Audio records and other captured evidence

Dashcams may also record audio of the events, and the audio could capture a truck driver admitting fault. Such commentary could work in favor of the injured party when seeking damages. Audio records might also include improper, threatening, or coercive behavior by the truck driver if such a thing takes place.

Remember, a hit-and-run accident remains a possibility on the road. The dashcam could capture the license plate number and any identifying information on the truck. Such images may prove valuable if the person hit by the truck was unconscious.

The ability to prevent substantial compelling evidence in court or to an insurance company could benefit the victim. A dashcam might be a worthwhile investment for those concerned about recovering damages after any truck accidents. After an accident, reviewing any available evidence with an attorney may prove valuable.