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Do you have these safety equipment items for maritime workers?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Maritime Law |

While you may enjoy your job as a maritime worker in Louisiana, your occupation is not without its hazards. To protect yourself, you must have proper safety equipment.

EHS Insight explores different safety equipment for maritime workers. Create a checklist of safety items to reduce your chances of sustaining injuries while out on the open water.

Protective clothing, gloves and shoes

Maritime workers use protective shoes, clothing and gloves at the same time, which is why you can group the three items. Protective clothing helps safeguard you against various environmental hazards, such as chemicals, heat and cold. Protective gloves keep your hands safe while you carry out your work duties, and proper shoes allow you to navigate around the ship’s cargo with a reduced risk of injury to your feet.

Welding shield

If your job tasks involve welding, do not work without a high-quality welding shield to protect yourself from intense heat and burn risks. You must protect your entire body while welding, but pay close attention to guarding your face. Damage to your face could cause a serious injury, such as intense harm to your eyes or severe facial burns. Fit your welding shield to your body for comfort and optimum protection.


Pair a welding shield with a quality welding mask to add an extra layer of protection for your eyes. Different eye protection exists, so ensure your equipment matches the task at hand. Reserve welding masks for welding, and don protective goggles for other job duties that involve hazards other than heat.

Work with your employer to make sure you have equipment that helps you carry out your job responsibilities safely. The right protective items could help save your life.