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Legal Help For Maritime And Motor Vehicle Accidents
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The meaning of transportation, wages, maintenance and cure

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Jones Act |

The risks of working in maritime require careful mitigation for workers to perform their jobs effectively and safely. Lack of proper oversight, accessibility to resources, and safety training may put the lives of workers in imminent danger.

The Jones Act provides a degree of coverage for maritime workers in the event they suffer a disabling injury at work. People who understand the scope of their coverage may more confidently pursue support if they fall victim to an accident.

The Jones Act

According to Cornell Law School, the creation of the Jones Act in 1920, provides maritime workers with required support so they can conduct naval duties in times of war, provide commercial services and accomplish objectives as merchant seamen. Under the Jones Act, injured maritime workers have the right to pursue legal action in a federal or state court. If a victim of a maritime accident succumbs to his or her injuries, a representative can also seek compensation under protections provided by the Jones Act.

Assessing coverage

Under the Jones Act, injured workers may receive specific benefits depending on the nature of their injuries and the circumstances surrounding their accident. The terms transportation, wages, maintenance and cure, are commonly used when discussing the Jones Act. Accessible Marine Insurance says that injured maritime workers may receive transportation and wages through the completion of a voyage. Maintenance and cure benefits provide ongoing support until injured seamen reach the maximum cure as provided by medical professionals.

A vessel considered to be unseaworthy is one that fails to pass required inspections and contributed indefinitely to a worker’s injury or death. When investigations reveal that an unseaworthy vessel is partly to blame for an accident, compensation and benefits may increase.