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We’re closer than ever to self-driving trucks

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | 18-Wheeler Accidents |

One of the biggest risks with 18-wheelers is simply that most accidents come from human error. A driver can make any small mistake and injure or kill people. With their size, these trucks are even more dangerous to other drivers than passenger cars.

However, technology may be able to reduce some of that risk. Our readers have likely heard that tech companies are developing self-driving cars. They have been tested all over the United States in recent years, although no fully autonomous cars are on the market yet.

However, did you know that self-driving trucks are already being used in Texas? A Dallas company, Kodiak Robotics, has built self-driving vehicles that are already making deliveries — even though the company did not open its doors until 2018. That’s an extremely fast period from launch to getting these vehicles on the road.

What it shows is that the self-driving revolution may be even closer than people think — especially when it comes to shipping and deliveries. It doesn’t have to take years. These vehicles are already at work, and the big question is just how fast they can be produced in mass.

Self-driving trucks will have serious implications for the trucking industry. Many drivers may find themselves out of a job. However, many others may feel like they are safer than ever, knowing that simple human error is not going to cause so many accidents.

No matter what type of truck hits you, if you suffer injuries in an accident, be sure that you understand all of your legal options for seeking compensation.