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Food to be careful about on cruise ships

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Cruise Ship Injuries |

Cruise ships are supposed to be a source of fun and relaxation for their passengers. Unfortunately, passengers can sometimes face hidden risks on such ships that could seriously derail their vacation. This includes risks from food.

All manner of foods are served on cruise ships. When food is handled improperly or isn’t prepared or stored in the right way, it can pose significant risks for food poisoning or other food-borne illnesses. Few things can ruin a vacation as quickly as such illnesses. They can have a range of negative health impacts and make life generally miserable for a person when they are in effect.

There are certain foods on cruise ships that could be particularly likely to pose dangers. Here are some you may want to be careful about when on a cruise:

  • Sushi: Sushi can get unsafe when it isn’t maintained at a cool temperature, and there can be special challenges in doing so on cruise ships
  • Oysters: Mishandled oysters can pose infection risks
  • Condiments: They can pose health dangers when left out too long
  • Salads: Cross-contamination concerns and uncertainty over whether the various ingredients were properly washed and whether the preparer properly washed his or her hands are among the things that could make salads a risky choice
  • Potato salad: This and other cold potato dishes can be vulnerable to bacteria risks
  • Dairy: It can be worth checking with staff to see if the dairy products served are pasteurized, as unpasteurized products can carry extra risks
  • Eggs: Avoiding undercooked eggs can be important

And these are just some potential culprits. Illness risks can arise in connection to a wide range of foods for a wide range of reasons. So, it is important for cruise ships to exercise proper care in keeping all of the food they serve safe for passengers.

Passengers can suffer greatly when cruise ship companies fail to do this. Skilled maritime law attorneys can help cruise ship passengers who experienced illnesses or other harm due to staff negligence regarding food or other important matters pursue fair compensation.