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We're closer than ever to self-driving trucks

One of the biggest risks with 18-wheelers is simply that most accidents come from human error. A driver can make any small mistake and injure or kill people. With their size, these trucks are even more dangerous to other drivers than passenger cars.

However, technology may be able to reduce some of that risk. Our readers have likely heard that tech companies are developing self-driving cars. They have been tested all over the United States in recent years, although no fully autonomous cars are on the market yet.

Crane collapses and federal law protects injured workers

A federal report on a crane collapse injuring three workers in Brownsville, has been released after a year of investigation.

The accident appears to be a good example of the kind of incident for which the Jones Act and perhaps the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA) were created.

Could you get injured in a fight on a cruise ship?

While planning your cruise, you do what you can to educate yourself about the risks. You think about people who get injured after drinking too much, going on excursions or using the recreational devices on the ship. Even a simple slip and fall accident on a pool deck could lead to serious injuries. You top it off by considering people who have fallen overboard and determining what you can do to prevent such a tragic accident.

All of those are good things to consider, but they leave out one key element: Other passengers. When you have hundreds of people crammed into a small space, what are the odds that tempers will flare? If a fight breaks out, could you get injured?

What does it mean when someone flashes their lights at a truck?

You're driving down the interstate at night when a semi-truck passes you and another car. As it goes by, you notice the other car flash its headlights at the truck. It's just a quick flash, perhaps two in quick succession. The truck then flashes back with its taillights and changes lanes.

What just happened?

Offshore Shell platform accident takes two lives

Two workers are tragically dead after an accident on an offshore platform operating for the Shell Oil Company.

The platform, per reports, is technically called the Shell Auger Tension Leg Platform. It is out in the Gulf of Mexico, about 214 miles away from New Orleans to the south.

Truck driving is inherently unsafe

There are a lot of very dangerous professions in the United States, and people often do not know just how risky they are.

For instance, did you know that professional drivers, including truck drivers, have a fatality rate that is the seventh-highest in the United States? If you look at the data from 2016, the last year on record as of early 2019, a total of 660 people in large trucks died in these accidents.

How to receive compensation for an injury at sea

Working offshore takes a specific type of person. There is a level of toughness necessary to live such a rigorous and dangerous lifestyle. Crew members that work at sea are susceptible to a wide array of injuries that can make it difficult to continue working or potentially damage their quality of life.

Those who leave themselves susceptible to the dangers of working at sea receive special legal protections. You must check certain boxes to qualify as a seaman, but these protections can help enhance the quality of life of someone injured while working at sea.

Working on a ship can be detrimental to your health

When you think about the risks of working on a ship, odds are that you think about the major issues: Getting swept overboard, getting injured with ropes or heavy machinery, getting trapped on a sinking vessel, and things of this nature.

You do need to understand the risks of catastrophic injuries in extreme situations, but it's also important to know that simply working on a boat can have a negative impact on your health. Some of the major risk factors include:

  • Excessive working stress
  • Lack of fresh food
  • Erratic sleeping schedules
  • Long work hours
  • Hard physical labor
  • An unfriendly natural environment
  • Potential isolation
  • Inadequate medical facilities
  • Storms that bring wind, rain, sleet, hail and lightning
  • Lack of proper rest hours
  • Potential sickness onboard

A closer look at unseaworthiness

Seamen enjoy life on the sea and often travel to places that others only dream about during their normal work hours. These jobs might come with some risks, but that is an occupational hazard.

However, no seamen should have to put up with the risk of a life-changing injury because their vessel—the place where they could live and work for days at a time—is unseaworthy.

Truck drivers must watch out for distractions

A small mistake by a truck driver can put innocent people in the hospital. If the driver does not see that traffic has stopped in the road, for instance, that semitruck can plow through multiple vehicles before it stops. Distractions are dangerous for all drivers but especially for commercial drivers.

The most obvious example of a driver distraction is the cellphone. Truck drivers should never use their phones behind the wheel. They absolutely should not text or use social media.

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