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Blake Jones Law Firm, LLC, is currently taking claims related to Hurricane Ida. Call 504-323-4314.  

Insurance companies won’t treat you fairly, even when you’ve paid premiums for years and have never had a claim. Attorneys at the Blake Jones Law firm have recovered millions of dollars for thousands of hurricane damage claims in Louisiana. When your home is at stake, make sure you have experienced attorneys fighting to get the money you need to rebuild your home.

In 2005, Blake Jones Law Firm successfully handled thousands of Hurricane Katrina claims. Hire experienced lawyers that are prepared to fight for you immediately against insurance companies. Let us take this burden from you. Blake Jones Law Firm will not delay in getting fair recovery for your losses from the Hurricane Ida devastation.

Injured On The Water?
We pursue full compensation for maritime workers

Hurt In A Truck Accident?
We hold all negligent parties responsible

Sickened By Asbestos?
A trusted source for asbestos cases and more

Serving Maritime Workers Throughout The South, The Country And World For 40 Years

At Blake Jones Law Firm LLC, our experienced New Orleans attorneys and our extensive support staff dedicate our practice to fighting for the rights of injured Gulf Coast seamen and their families, securing the full compensation to which they are entitled. We also take on personal injury cases, including those involving trucking accidents, motor vehicle accidents and asbestos exposure. Our lawyers have tried and won cases in courts all along the seaboards in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida – and have recovered substantial settlements and awards, including one $54-million settlement and other multimillion-dollar recoveries.

Personal Injury And Maritime Law In New Orleans, Louisiana

Extensive Resources

Our office has the resources to help you and your family financially survive while your case is pending an outcome. Many other firms do not have this self-financing capability, which means they turn to other sources that often charge hefty interest rates that come out of your recovery.

At Blake Jones Law Firm LLC, we handle everything in-house. Our clients never pay interest charges on any advancements, which means you walk away with more money when your case is finalized.


On behalf of a family who was involved in a tragic accident on Interstate 10 on Christmas Eve.


Deckhand sustained severe traumatic brain injury and other injuries when struck in head by mooring bit that failed.

Post-Judgment Settlement

Claims of a welder injured after the jack-up vessel on which he was being transported capsized.

Legal Help For Workers On The Water

Mississippi River inland waterway workers and offshore seamen know all too well the dangers associated with working on a vessel, fishing boat, tugboat, cruise ship, barge or floating base. The risk of serious injury — and even death — is astronomically greater than most other industries in America. Fortunately, under U.S. maritime laws, captains, mates, engineers and crew members injured in any type of waterway accident have rights.

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